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ABC RIFLESSI is an acrylic-based decorative finish recommended for creation of special semi-transparent decorative effects with iridescent or mother-of-pearl hues on interior surfaces such as plaster, panels of wood or wood products, gesso board and laminates.The multitude and variety of possible effects depends on creative combination of colours in base and finish coats, on the painter skill and on the techniques and utensils employed.The effect obtained is a blended hues decoration obtained using traditional utensils such as painting knives, rollers, pumice stone and sponges or using utensils prepared by the painter capable of forming a print and blending hues.


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  • ABC Riflessi-0120ABC Riflessi-0120
  • ABC Riflessi - 0001- BaseABC Riflessi - 0001- Base
  • ABC Riflessi-0010ABC Riflessi-0010
  • ABC Riflessi-0030ABC Riflessi-0030
  • ABC Riflessi-0040ABC Riflessi-0040
  • ABC Riflessi-0070 silverABC Riflessi-0070 silver
  • ABC Riflessi-0070ABC Riflessi-0070
  • ABC Riflessi-0080ABC Riflessi-0080
  • ABC Riflessi-0090ABC Riflessi-0090
  • ABC Riflessi-0100ABC Riflessi-0100
  • ABC Riflessi-0110ABC Riflessi-0110
  • ABC Riflessi-0130ABC Riflessi-0130
  • ABC Riflessi-0140ABC Riflessi-0140
  • ABC Riflessi-0150ABC Riflessi-0150
  • ABC Riflessi-0161ABC Riflessi-0161
  • ABC Riflessi-0171ABC Riflessi-0171
  • ABC Riflessi-0180ABC Riflessi-0180
  • ABC Riflessi-ABC Riflessi-0191ABC Riflessi-ABC Riflessi-0191
  • ABC Riflessi-0201ABC Riflessi-0201
  • ABC Riflessi-0202ABC Riflessi-0202
  • ABC Riflessi-0210ABC Riflessi-0210
  • ABC Riflessi-0221ABC Riflessi-0221
  • ABC Riflessi-0230ABC Riflessi-0230
  • ABC Riflessi-r080ABC Riflessi-r080
  • ABC Riflessi-r090ABC Riflessi-r090
  • ABC Riflessi-r100ABC Riflessi-r100
  • ABC Riflessi-r110ABC Riflessi-r110
  • ABC Riflessi-r111ABC Riflessi-r111
  • ABC Riflessi-r120ABC Riflessi-r120
  • ABC Riflessi-r130ABC Riflessi-r130
  • ABC Riflessi-r140ABC Riflessi-r140
  • ABC Riflessi-r150ABC Riflessi-r150
  • ABC Riflessi-r161ABC Riflessi-r161
  • ABC Riflessi-r171ABC Riflessi-r171
  • ABC Riflessi-r180ABC Riflessi-r180
  • ABC Riflessi-r191ABC Riflessi-r191
  • ABC Riflessi-r201ABC Riflessi-r201
  • ABC Riflessi-r202ABC Riflessi-r202
  • ABC Riflessi-r210ABC Riflessi-r210
  • ABC Riflessi-r221ABC Riflessi-r221
  • ABC Riflessi-r230ABC Riflessi-r230
  • ABC Riflessi-r240ABC Riflessi-r240
  • ABC Riflessi-r241ABC Riflessi-r241
  • ABC Riflessi-r242ABC Riflessi-r242
  • ABC Riflessi-r243ABC Riflessi-r243
  • ABC Riflessi-r244ABC Riflessi-r244
  • ABC Riflessi-r245ABC Riflessi-r245
  • ABC Riflessi-0001ABC Riflessi-0001

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