MarcoSilver Life is an acrylic emulsion paint, highly washable, with high coverage, velvet effect


*Bacteriostatic : the silver ions inside the paint are micro particles that inhibit the bacterial contamination of the surface painted. Efficacy tested according to the regulation ISO 22196:2011
*Anti-Mold: it contains special film preservatives protecting the coating against mold and algae. Efficacy tested according to the regualtion UNI EN 15457
*Excellent washability (UNI EN 13300 class 1)
*High coverage, adhesian and brushing performance
*Active against a broad spectrum of microorganiams including bacteria, molds, fungi (efficacy tested according to UNI EN 15457, ISO 22196)
*VOC lower than 5mg/kg (ISO 11890-2)
*Alkali-resistant (UNI EN 10795), Anti-drip, high opacity, strong capacity to mask imperfections, low dirt retention.


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